Can't send quotation via email


In AX 2012 R2, I generated a sales quotation, but when I try to send the quotation via email, there is no email sent? Do I need to set up outlook so that I can send the sales quotation?


we need to create a new e-mail template. This is standard Dynamics AX functionality and can be found in Organization administration | Setup | E-mail templates. Open the E-mail templates form and create the record:

Thanks Rohit,

But where to link this email template back to the Sales Quotation?

In this case, you don’t need to set up an e-mail template. But, you would need to first set up e-mail parameters.

Later, you would need to set up the print management against the customer. - This lets you understand, how a sales invoice can be e-mailed. Similarly, select the “quotation” node in your print management settings to send the quotation as an e-mail.