Can't Post a Return - Help.


We’ve run into a very strange issue that is holding up a Return. Here is the error

There is no Cust. Ledger Entry within the filter.

Filters: Document No.: #######, Document Type: Invoice, Customer No.: #######, Open: Yes.

I’m not sure if this is an easy fix or not.

any ideas?


Message means that CLE table hasn’t any entry that corresponds to given filtering conditions…

But where is the problem? Do you suggest that message is wrong and corresponding CLE entries still exist?
It is VERY doubtful… You can open CLE from Customer Card and set your filters manually to check if entries exist or no…


Think I had something similar a month ago.

In Sales invoice General window, go to show column and check Quantity is listed.

Then delete any row for which there is a quantity listed but for which there is no corresponding ledger entry.

Hope this helps


Fixed it.

This was for a Return document, and after removing the applied to entries from fields it was able to post it to the account.

During the process of creating the return the applied-to entries were already made, we just needed to post it.

I’ll have to play with these transactions to test them out and see how they tick next time to really get a good idea of what happened, but essentialy that’s the key.


are you sure this is for Navision?

Speaking as a user, yes. I’m not a programmer/analyst or other IT specialist.

Reading these forums, methinks I’m on th ewrong site