can't install navision attain 3.60

my notebook with xp, says that a version of navision is already installed and won’t let me install it…well, there is not one installed unless the previous programmer using this notebook installed it under another desktop…how can i override this problem? thanks, trint

Select custoer install, and you should then be able to remove it. If not you should at least be able to install over the top. Worst case you can delete the Navision files fromt he Program files directory, then (Hopefully) the reinstall will fix the registry.

another way to work around, is to copy the navision program from the cd to the folder in your notebook. i have tried doing this for navision version 3.01 to 3.60

Hi Jordan, this will work , but you will have problems. THere are many 3.60 components that are registered, and these will not work without the install. I suppose there is always REGEDIT. Or a screw driver and pliars.