Can't finish production order because of Quantity

Hi, all.

we got problem with the open production order, which have an item with the quantity 1943, but remaining quantity 1942.

the problem is the purchase order attached with this production order. It’s quantity is 1kg execced the quantity we have in stock. we try to do the item jounal put in 1kg to the stock, but it not allows us to do so

any soluation

First of all your question unable to understand .

Just throw some more information on this , any expert can help

The purchase order is for a component? Just short post the consumption.

Are you getting any message why you cannot close production for 1942? Is there a linked sales order for 1943?

Yes, the purchase order is for the compontent, and the message we got is there is no IVXXXX in the inventory

So there is a part in the BOM where the flushing method is backwards, you are letting NAV automatically consume the stock, however you have none, so either book the stock in you used or alter the flushing method to manual and consume the amount you actually used.

Finally we did some item jounal and menually put 1kg to the stock, the problem fixed. the interesting thing was, only the accounting guy can do the item tracking line.

So look at your permissions [:D]

Okay so you got around this but you did not fix it. Ultimately your processing here is wrong, I presume you backflush these components, and you did not have the stock to do so, however you made the product, then manually booked one in to get around it. Now either your stock was wrong, you never made that many or the required quantity is wrong. Either way the issue will carry on coming up unless you resolve the underlying issue.