Cant Create Journal Lines?

Hi there every one

I am having issues with AX at the moment

I go into our order number to try and create line’s (Picking list & post) But every time i try and do so i get the message of “Cannot create Journal lines” Even though there is something there to pick and create.

I am quite new the software

Software " Microsoft Dynamics AX4.0 4.0.2503.606

I have already been into the default value’s and ticked the box’s that we need to check but I still get the same message even in another order.

thank you guys

Hi James,
What kind of information do you get when you double-click this error message?

This is one of the must helpfull AX error messages to show the AX user [:)]



Hi there,

All I get when I double click the ? is INFOLOG://1376 and underneath NO JOURNAL LINES WERE CREATED …such a pain in the bum!

It’s weird why it will not let me pick and post.

Process : Go to my order Number which I want to pick and post > Journals > Picking list > Picking List > Create Lines > OK > Then i get the Info log box comes up with the message above.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Hi James,

Set breakpoint on info class → add method and try it again. This should pinpoint error source.


Sorry to be a pain how do I do this? I am quite new to this software.

Under AOT → Classes → Info → add method. Press F9 in the first line.

Write in brief about how you are doing the transaction…

where and when exactly the error is coming…



In all probability you have an existing pick list, so there are no journal lines to create, or you have no journal defined as default in the parameters so the journal lines cannot be created. Or you have modified it and it is triggering a stop.

Does it have anything to do with the backflushing principle?