Can't connect to NAV-database - Too many sessions.

Hi Guys,

At one of my client’s they experience a very strange problem.

They use NAV 5.0 SP1, on SQL2005 in a WMWare-environment.

They have purchased 85 simultaneous users.

Some times they get the “no more sessions allowed” error when trying to log in to NAV.
I tried to have a user who already was inside, to tell me what was in the Session-pane of the DB-info, and he read 23 sessions. I then opened SQL management studio, went to activity monitor, and saw that 23 sessions were connected to the NAV-db.

So if my math is correct, there should be 62 available sessions to use.

Earlier today i asked them to restart the SQL-server service, to release all sessions.
That helped… for about 1 hour - and still only 20-something sessions in activity monitor (25 this time).

Has anyone come across this before?
Any clue to what is going on?

They replicate some data from another SQL-server to the NAV-db, using linked servers.
When refreshing the activity monitor again and again, i noticed that the session that replicates the data, kept logging into NAV-database. Could this maybe be the reason?


It seems that we’ve solved the problem.

On the same server recides a test/development-DB.
In this database we’ve installed our partner-license, wich only allows 22 concurrent users of type ‘Any’ (ordinary users).
And i think that’s the limit we met. (we have some NAS running to process the data i mentioned being replicated from another server)

Even though the “Save License in Database” was ticked on both databases, i think somehow the user-limit from the other database was used on our production-database???

However, uploading the production-license again seems to have solved it.

And… Yes i know that having a test/dev-DB on the same server as production-DB is NOT best practice…
But not always do the clients follow our recommendations… [:^)]

Although solved already, I just wanted to add the following:

License is saved in Master DB, so you can have only ONE per SQL server(instance) - doesn’t matter, how much NAV databases sit there, all are using a common one. So, there sits the License you added when created the last database with Add License…

Besides, IMHO normal licensing doesn’t permit several NAV DBs on the same server, though physically you can create and use more than one (and use simultaneously)

Not entirely true. You can save the license in the database itself, but you’ll have to purchase that granule. If you don’t have that granule, it will save the license in Master.

I wasn’t aware of this…
I’ll check out if they have that granule…
(Somehow i hope they haven’t… that would explain things [:D])