cannot use the locations.


In Axapta the hierarchy is site - warehouse – Location.

I think location is linked with bins , zones in Axapta .

Without zones, bins we cannot use the locations.

Is it true ?


you have have to define a location to enable the system to understand it, this would usually be considered an internal bin code, it may even be a construct of aisles and zones, but as long as you give the location a code, the only pre-requisite is an aisle identifier. If you try to setup a location this becomes pretty obvious depending upon the setup of the warehouse tab on the warehouse.

Thanks Steven,

Really you are giving awesome support to freshers & persons who are getting some errors .

When it comes to my point I am really greatful to u. .

When it comes to query still iam not able to understand the use of the location.

In Axapta I can receive the items against warehouse .

I couldnot find the location in purchase order line , sales order line.

Then where can u use the location, and how can we use.

Let’s say one company is not ready to use Bins, Zones.

Still are they need to create the Locations.

Please let me know the use of the location.


If they are not “ready” to use bins it becomes VERY difficult.

Bins (Locations) are configured on the item dimension, once associated with an item and have transactions you must not change this field.

The location is on the line, you have not set the stock dimension to viwe this, either do this in the paramaters and stock dimensions tab, or from the line select inventory and stock dimensions to alter the view (or another applicable path).

However if the item is not set with the correct dimension group, or the warehouse is not set with locations you cannot define anything on the line.

You need to give the setup here careful consideration - if the business makes the decision they are not ready “yet” then they never will be as the change once setup is quite large. I would turn them on, they really are simple to use, the only downside is you need to tell the system where you have put it, or taken it from, but then you get much better inventory control.

If you are using transfer orders, or any warehouse with locations then EVERY warehouse has to be setup in this manner - otherwise you cannot book an item requiring a location to be specified into a warehouse. In these instances create one and set it as the default receipt and issue location and you never have to specify it anyway.

thanks steven,

Let me know one thing is it not possible to do the transactions like purchase , inventory, sales, manufacturing with out locations( i can create the warehouses, sites)

when it comes to navision u can use the locations, with out using bins, zones.

is it not possible to with out locations creation .

Yes as the dimension group sets this.


why not it is possible.

in the item dimensions group , i will select the site , warehouse, batch number , serial number Mandatory only.

i did not select that location mandatory.

then i will assign that dimension group to that item.

i can do transactions with out selecting the locations in sales , purchase, inventory transactions…

what is your opinion on this …[8-)]

Many businesses do not have split warehouses, or have business processes where they do not need to know where in the warehouse the items are.

This is very common depending upon the warehouse structure and stock holding.

It is a business decision so it is up to the business to configure them of not, therefore you need the ability to select it or not, just because you have warehouses does not mean you need locations.

Thanks ,

let 's say we are ready to use the locations.

but i want tthe locations like RM location, ENGG loation , Production location …

but in location form it has the options like Picking location, inbound location , outbound location…

i think these inbound , picking, outbound all related to bins, zones. is it correct

i think if i create the location then i have to use bins, zones.

is it correct .

let me know.

If you are not using the WMS functionality that setting is irrelevant, but I would set it to picking.

The location can be manually configured, the only pre-requisite is to attach a location to an aisle, so no you do not need bins and zones, it depends upon the location format, but you need to understand the requirements of the software and apply it to the business, but essentially you can create any location format, and it only needs an aisle, and this can be the warehouse and it does not need to be included in the location format - depends how you create the locations really - do not use the wizard for example.

1 ) That means what ever the location i create in Axapta , the option is Pick to all locations. is it correct ?

2 ) Asile is mandatory to each location . Is it ture ?

  1. could u explain what is the exact meaning of Asile .( even i gone through the manual i am not able to understand).

i know the meaning of site , ware house, location , rack .

i am not able to under stand the Asile meaning . Please explain.

  1. Yes - if you are not using WMS

  2. Yes, create a new location manually and try to do it without defining an aisle

  3. Traditionally a rack will be in an aisle. a rack is a subsegment of an aisle, but it depends upon terminology, you could think of the aisle as your rack depending what your rack is.