Cannot see the combo box below filter pane and above the grid in the list page

Hello All,

I am unable to view the combo box or text box in the area which is below the filter pane and above the grid in the HcmWorkerListPage form.

Please see the attached image for details.

Thanks in advance everyone

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Please advice



Shankar Iyer

I would say that your control is visible (I see the label “My combo”) but it’s disabled.

So what needs to be done to remove that disability.(visible, enable properties are set to yes). Please advice

and secondly my motive is to add more columns to the filter pane value of the list page.(see attached add fields image).

I cannot see anything in the design page for that part i.e. for adding more columns to the fil ter pane from other table or query.


I am able to see all the designs for the grid and action pane of the list page form. Please see the attached design of the hcmworkerlistpage form


This is solved.

I changed the style property of the group in which the combo box to custom filter and it solved the issue.

Thanks all for all the views and comments.

Shankar Iyer