Cannot rename table - published for replication

I’m trying to rename a company but I’m getting this error:

Cannot rename the table because it is published for replication

And then it points me to the Salesperson/Purchaser table. The NAV version is 4.00 SP3 on a SQL Server 2005.

To my knowledge we have not setup any replication, and why is it only happening on this table?

Are you using Log Shipping?

Well it’s not something I have asked our database host to setup. Can you tell me where I can see this?

Under database properties check Transaction Log Shipping. Check if is anything setup.

Well I found out what was wrong. And you can actually see directly from NAV. File → Database → Open. Here in the list of different databases is a field called Replication Type. It was set to Published!!!

But I have found the person who had made this setting (it was set up so a copy was made every night for updating our BI system) - but nobody told me - and I’m the “database owner”…

Replication and log shipping are most common methods of copying database changes to another database.
After all it was setup replication. [:D].

I know what it is… jajaja [:)]