Cannot receive quantity 1.00 because inventory transactions with status Ordered, Arrived or Registered are insufficient,wanted to put back to inventory those orders.


a transfer order was posted by mistake,now I want those orders back to our inventory but unfortunately encountered this error. How come I have no qty for such items where I just posted the same qty and just want to take it back.


Plese check the below link,


Bharath K

thanks for the link,but it explains only to an unposted transfer order transaction. My problem is I already posted the order and received, but I want to take it back what I just sent by mistake.

Is this transfer order received by the other end?

technically in the system it was posted as received, but physically NO we didn’t deliver the items because it was posted by mistake. That is why we want to puck it back to our inventory

If you want more shed on this please go through the below link carefully,

It says that once it is posted it cant reversed and the only way to reverse is to create a new transfer order for the items that you posted in the previous transfer order that is posted wrongly.

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Bharath K

Yes, that’s why we created a new transaction. It was before made as from A to B, now we created new transaction to bring back those items from B to A.

Is that back to normal now ?

No until now, and I really badly need to end that transaction ASAP because I want to make new transactions with those orders to a correct customer. This is what happen I sent 2 pcs goods to customer B, now I want it back because it was a mistake. I created new transfer to make it back but when trying to ship orders back it says cannot received qty because there is none. How come there is now where I just give the customer 2 pcs

Did you check in the on-hand inventory?

yes. it was there, customer B has the 2 pcs I sent by mistake. but why I cant take it back?


Can you share some screenshots on what you are trying to achieve?

Hi cairoden,

please try this.

and let me know for any queries

MTO-009 was posted by mistake, shows from 101 to 202. I created new transfer order MTO-012, shows from 202 to 101. I already checked inventory all the items was there in 202 now I want to take it back to 101

your screenshot is not clear and please check the above link which i have posted

Did you check the above link?

I think it can solve your issue

sorry but I dont find that link helpful.

ill give you a scenario, supposed you gave me 2 pcs apples by mistake and you posted it. How will you get it back from me?


What error are you getting while doing the return order?

Can you please send me the error screenshot.


Bharath K