Cannot post product receipt for open order line?

Dear Experts,

I have a strange issue that one of my old Purchase order has status “Open order”, but button Product receipt is disabled for posting.

After checking, I see that:

  • The PO has 1 line, where ordered quantity is 100, already received and invoiced 40, remaining delivery quantity is 60. Button Invoice is still available for new posting.

  • The PO uses workflow (still active), it is in Draft mode for editing. Although I can add new line but I cannot edit any information on that 1st PO line. The line is totally frozen for editing and receiving.

Do you have any idea about this issue?

Could you please help to suggest me on how to edit this PO line information and continue post receipt for this line?

Many thanks in advance for your comments!

Hi Thai FC,

No expert- but do you/did you have purchase order confirmations activated at the point of creation for this order?

What is the delivery remainder on the line?

An early version of AX2012 had this issue, so check LCS for fixes.

In addition check your purchasing policies, like the Re-approval rule for purchase orders etc.