cannot load the type library

I am getting the above error when compiling a codeunit.

here is the code section generating this error

LaunchApp(DataXML : Automation “Unknown Automation Server.Unknown Class”;StylesheetID : GUID;ApplicationXML : Automation "Unknown Autom

could anybody tell me which automation server is missing? am confused

Hi Edwin,

are you using a standard codeunit here? If yes then which one? You can also try this:

Oben the variable-list in which you automation server is listed. Click on the assist-button in the subtype-column. In the form showing up now there should be a code like this “{00020813-0000-0000-C000-000000000046} 1.2” in the “Automation Server”-field. Copy that string an try to google (or bing ;-)) it, most of the time you’ll get results from which you can recognize which automation server is missing.

Regards Jan

Thanks Jan,

Actually I am trying to integrate RFID with NAV, so the codeunit comes from microsoft, its actually a modification of codeunit 1-Application management.and the variable list does not list the automation server.



Do you have latest .Net framework installed?

Hi Edwin,

the automation-variable must be listed somewhere, either in the global variable or in the local variables which can differ for each function. In your case the automation server is this one: ‘Microsoft XML, v6.0’, which is related to this dll “C:\Windows\System32\msxml6.dll”. Does this help?

Regards Jan

Hi Jan,

I think this might solve my problem, as mentioned I am new to NAV please tell me how to register this assembly

Well, the easiest would be to install the latest .NET-Framework as IMRAN already suggested. You can download it here:

Regards Jan

I do have VS2008 professional edition installed so I guess I have the latest .NET framework 3.5

Ok, thats a good point. Did you really install NAV or did you just copy the files to your hard disk? Normally a proper installation should install everything NAV needs including this dll…otherwise you could try to to google for the dll which could result in this ms-download:

Regards Jan

I have installed both the msxml6.msi and the SDK.msi, still the selected type library error is popping up, The variables causing this are ApplicationXML and DataXML which are all local to the Launchapp function. any more suggestions?

After installing msxml6 you are still not able to see Microsoft XML, v6.0 when you lookup into Automation server List ?

true. and the error “could not load selected type library” still pops up!

actually msxml v6 appears in the list of automation servers, but the error above persists, maybe I need another automation server to fix this

Edwin, i think you should try to re install NAV again, i know it has no sense but it often works with this kind of issues…


should I re-install only the client or everything including NAS?

Good Morning,

the client should be enough. About which Version of NAV are we talking here?

Regards Jan

Only the client…

its version 5.0

Ok, then its the Microsoft XML, v4.0 not 6.0…if you’ll google it you’ll find a xml 4.0 package from MS…but I’d suggest reinstalling NAV first.

Huuuh! that is a sigh of relief, finally after re-installing the client and installing MSXMLV4, the codeunid is compiling successfully, Tanks to all Jan, M.Ali and IMRAN.

but just when I thought I am through, there is an error on a card I had modified (card 30-Item Card) that goes:

when the function is called, the minimum number of parameters should be used.
For example

what could be the cause since the card cannot also compile?