Cannot load an instance of the following .NET Framework object error

We moved our NAV to Cloud and I have just installed the EDI handler into the Terminal Server. When running NAV client in Terminal Server and trying to run EDI – download the incoming documents, I got the following error message.


Please can you help to understand this error?

what version are you running?

It tells you that the bcEDI.Handler has not been initiated. And that always means it is not installed correctly.

I assume that you already installed it with “Run-As-Administrator”? Otherwise try that first.

I have also seen this type of error where the DLL-file or the ZIP file holding it before unzipping being blocked. In that case you must open the file property and click unblock.

How did you install it?

And as Dannav said, which version of NAV is this about?

NAV 2017

Another reason could be also different version of .dll . This can be solved by removing the version from the dotnet variable in Dynamics NAV

Thank You