Cannot Generate a Project from the Project Quotation form


I am using the service VM for AX 2012 that i got from Technet. When I finish creating a project quotation, the next step is to Generate the Project. So i go to the Quote Tab on the ribbon, and the Generate button is greyed out! I tried this on another VM and it worked as expected. What am i missing? thanks in advance for any replies.


Hi Ziad,

I am facing the same problem with sending a project quotation.

i have gone through a blog about this problem on sales quotation, and the resolution was to convert the opportunity record on the quotation into a customer record and then the button will appear.

however it did not work for me since i was using a customer record.

any luck resolving this problem? please let me know.

Thanks, Rola

Found the reason,

you have to setup the project quotation workflow template and activate it. the generate and confirm buttons on the project quotation form will appear when the quotation is approved.

good luck.

If I want to go back and modify the quotation and regenerate…it is not pulling the lines to generate a new version of the quotation. Is there something within the workflow that has to be added to allow the quotation to be regenerated?

The Review project quotation workflow needs to be setup and activated. The workflow is still needed even if the quotation will be automatically approved.