Cannot format number sequence

i am practicing in DEMO AX 2012

while generating the number sequence …i did some changes …ex:- acco_1765 is default but i edited as 2500. later its not generated.not accepting to generate

its showing ERROR as : Cant format number sequence ACCO_1716 in area A/R for dat type YNRId
i am trying to delete and re generate .but its showing lyk dis.

Hi Varun.

It often helps to pinpoint exactly where the error occurs by adding a break-point on the infolog (Class: info, method: add). The you can see the xpp stack behind it.

Number sequence is a multi table setup, some are not directly accessible through the GUI. On table in particular might be mismatching, the table for Number Sequence reference. All this might become clear when you see in the debugger how it is trying to find the numbersequence, from where and how it determines the criteria. I suspect some inconsistencies between NumberSequence tables there. The issue might also just be that parameters did not pick up on the changes you did and are not finding their way. At any rate, debugger is your best tool :slight_smile:


Please stop using Heading 2 for text of your questions. I thought you did it by mistake, but now I see you’ve put it back after I fixed it.