cannot find the main account when i post the job card journal

I’m using the Dynamics AX 2012 demo system, when i post the job card journal for the production order. i found that two main accounts were used, but unfortunately i cannot find where they are configured.


The account 999999 is the main account that was configured in the “General Ledger” as the “Error Account”. but i have no idea what is main account 600520 used for , the description for this main account is “Fixed overhead applied”.

i have check the “item group”, “cost categories”, “resource”, “resource group”, but i still cannot find the main account “600520”.

any idea ?

many thanks.

Hi Jian,

I think you have checked everywhere except one place: In your costing sheet setup.

Go to Inventory and warehouse management=> Setup=> Costing=> Costing sheets.

Check the fixed cost overhead setup in your costing sheet, on the Posting tab you will have accounts defined for WIP and Costing. This is where the setup could have been.