Cannot find any applicable resource for an operation

i’m using Dynamics AX 2012 R2.

  1. I created resource capability by this path “Organization administration->Resource Capability”
Capability Description
20 Paint
  1. i created a resource by this path “organization administration->Resource”
Resource Description Type Vendor
1002 Painter Vendor V00005

after creating the resource, i add the capability “20” to the resource.

  1. i created the operations by this path “Production Control->Setup->Operations”.
Operation Name
Paint Paint the stick

Click the “Relations” on the Operations form and open the operation relation form, i created a line which contain the item code and route code. click the resource requirement tab, Add a resource requirements like below:

Requirement Type Requirement Operation Scheduling Job Scheduling
Capability 20 (check) (check)

but when i click “Applicable Resources”, i cannot find any applicable resource in the table. (Resource 1002 should be listed in the table)

i’m pretty sure the resource has the capability list as above. any other option that i have to set up ?

Note: i didn’t set any resource group.


the problem has already fixed by setting the Resource Group for the Resource, many thanks.