Cannot Enter Description In Journal Lines

Hi All,

I cannot enter description in lines invoice. It is giving below error.

Please hel

p me.

Please give us more information. What’s your version of AX (please always add a tag with AX version), how to reproduce the problem and so on.

I failed to reproduce the problem using a daily journal in AX 2012 R3.

Hi Martin

currently we are using AX 2012 R2 version.

thank you.


I would suggest performing a right-click on the description field then selecting “view details”

This will open the Journal Descriptions form where you should click “New” and add your description as appropriate. Then you can close the journal descriptions form and on your invoice journal lines select the newly created description in the drop-down box.

Hope that helps!


Description field on any journal is free text field and is not limited to pre defined journal description. I think system is validating the description entered with pre defined description which is unusual.

Can you check if anything is customized related to that or any parametric setup?


Hi All,

From The last two weeks I did not go to my job because I got an accident…

so this issue might be resolved by my team.

sorry for that guys…