Cannot end the production order

Hi Gurus

Suppose i create a production order for 1000 item B0001, and i would like to report as finished them by several batch, and end the production order eventually. which means that i create multiple picking lists.

The problem refer to following image:

If i don’t tick the “End” check box and post the picking list, then i will got the following error when i try to report as finish and end this production order.

these items are contained in that production order. but if i create another picking list with above items “End” checkbox ticked and post the picking list. i still cannot end the production order.

every time if i tick the “End” check box and post picking list, i will not have any issue to end the production order, not sure under what situation we have to keep these check box unchecked. and how to end the production order under this situation?

Another question, if the actual consumption is less than what i picked, and i post the picking list, what will happen ?

many thanks.

In standard the “end” means there is no more, so one picking list is your last, which should have the end flag ticked and is posted.

You state if you do this you still cannot end it - is the message the same?

What setting does RAF use and do you have any auto-flushing?

If you post less than is suggested it simply uses the posted figure in costing and stock changes.

Hi Adam,

The message is the same, If i post the picking list without the “End” checked, i cannot end the production order even i tick all the “End” check box in the last picking list.(i’m using the AX R3)

I attach the RAF configuration as below, not sure where i can configure the auto-flushing.

Hi Adam,

this is the production parameters


Dont tick the end job, this would leave it open until you are ready to end it. Pretty sure the end-mark pick list flag here would only apply if the journal was created at this stage. If it is the last receipt then I would need to look at some similar setup which unfortunately I do not have the time to configure now - so try the accept error as well, but I would not recommend it for this process.

Hi Adam, id you don’t mind ,i can share my desktop :slight_smile:

this problem can be fixed by starting the production order again, the picking list will be created automatically, and we post the journal again, we cannot create the picking list journal mannually.


for this issue, let say item code— is not completely released ,

pls create a picking list journal from Picking List Menu button and click on create lines → from that pls choose Proposal as Remaining Quantity. Make sure Consumption = Prososal is Enabed. then click on ok. so by doing so remaining unused quantity will get populated in the created journals. so by default end button will get ticked automatically. Pls try this and let me know