Cannot edit a record in Inventory transaction (inventrans). The record has never been selected

Dear All,

I am having this issue when login to Mobile device, and I can’t exist this screen:

When I checked License Plate 000LP-0000121517 I found that this one is already completed:

How can I exit this error screen?

Does anybody here have experience on this issue, please advice me how to fix?

Thank you in advanced.

I can’t see how you got into this situation, but if you ever get stuck on the Mobile device, you can go to Warehouse management → Common → ‘Work user sessions’ and End the user’s session.

there may be a case that some line of code is calling for updation without selection.

this will prompt the message.

However you can figure it out exact cause by debugging.


Salestable salesTable;



select forUpdate salesTable where SalesTable.SalesId == ‘123’;

SalesTable.SalesName = ‘a’;



Error message: if there is no record in SalesTable with sales id = 123

Cannot edit a record in Sales orders (SalesTable).

The record has never been selected.

Dear Guy Terry,

Thank you a lot for your advice. I will do End the user’s session :slight_smile: