Cannot edit a record in Companies (DataArea). Access Denied: you do not have sufficient authorization to modify data in database

Hi Everyone,

When I try to edit and save the Vendor master data in specified company, it is giving the below error,

In addition, Please note I have assigned the Master Data Management Role to the user. And we have overrided the permissions to allow “Full control” to the “system User” role & Master Data Management Role itself for CompanyInfo Table. Still it is giving an error while try to save the modified data in the form.

Please help me for this to solve the issue. :frowning:

Thanks in Advance…

Hi Everyone,

I have founded the issue and solved it.

For the System User role we need to override the permission to allow Edit permission to the “DATAAREA” Table.

Note: This table is only visible to the System User over ride permission window and this table is not even found in AOT.

Take the result to solve the issue… [Y] [H]