Cannot e-mail PDF files directly from Axapta

Hi, We are working with Axapta 3.0 SP1 and have the following problem. If I send an invoice (as PDF file) directly from Axapta by e-mail to a customer, the customer does not receive the atachment. And if I first make a PDF file and than send it as an attachment from Outlook, the customer receives it. The strange thing is that when I look at the e-mail that I sent, the attachment is there. And if I send it as an internal mail to a colleague, the attachment is received. We had the same problem in 2.5 and hoped it would work in 3.0 but that isn’t the case. Any idea’s Thanks

I did some more tests and have more info on this problem: - the PDF file is received is you also use Outlook - if you do not use Outlook you receive a “winmail.dat” file instead of the PDF file. - the “winmail.dat” problem could the solved by changing the e-mail setting to “HTML” (extra/options/…) However Axapta overrules this setting and the "winmail.dat"file is still received instead of the PDF file. Any suggestions were I can change these settings in Axapta? Thanks

Hi Martin, I have heard of this problem before, and you have correctly identified why it is happening, but I do not think you can fix it without modifying or creating a class in Axapta. This would require a skilled Axapta programmer. Perhaps someone else using this forum could enlighten us. Regards, Andrew Cowell

Hello, The problem is that Axapta is sending the attachment in “rich text format”. I hope Microsoft will solve this problem in Axapta. If you cannot wait please visit:;EN-US;149203