Cannot Duplicate UAT to Production with clean DATA and reset number sequence

Seeking references or configuration help for making 2 environments on 1 machine. uat and production.
I have searched technet/ blogs / dlp but could not find even a close solution where we could work up.We r using AX R3 CU9.

Issue 1. Uat and production. Everything has been configed in uat and test runs done and all master exist. Now when we try to copy to prod and delete the transaction and reset the number sequence . there are only errors even the num seq is already reset back to 1. But when a new doc is created it starts running from the previous no. 47. of the existing UAT, eventhough production has been reset to 1. Be it PO or SO etc. There is even some issues that we cannot make clean data the system keeps on remembering values from UAT eventhough we re at production. We tried with delete db and make new prod but still somehow its not working.

Does ax have some utility to help on this. We cannot always request customer side to provide 2 physical servers to cater to diff env.

The current alternative method that we have devised is when create UAT create CLEAN UAT ie no transaction and then duplicate to prod. And evertime there is some change in UAT manually enter configure the same in PRODUCTION. This is too much duplication of effort and time consuming.

Issue 2. MR. reporter the same if we create a new env on same physical server the system keeps on referring to the legal entity that exists in prev env. Eventhough new entity is created and configed.
This is creating a lot of unnecessary duplication of effort and time when team should be focusing on other imp tasks to go live.

I am sure that ax must be having some workarounds for coexistence bc any new mods will take place in uat and moved to prod.