Cannot create a credit note for a sales order

I am trying to create a credit note in AX 2012 R3 and am having issues. I open the all sales orders form and highlight an order. I then click on the Sell tab and click the new Credit note button. This brings up a form that shows the invoices for this account, but it doesn’t allow me to select any of them. I try to check the boxes, but I can’t edit them. I have admin security, so that should not be an issue. What else could be wrong here or am I doing this wrong?



Did you check safety level of invoice order under AR parameters ->update, if it locked it wont allow to create credit note .

There is an option in “Accounts receivable parameters” within the ‘Updates’ tab named as ‘Safety level of invoice orders’, check this field whether it is mentioned “locked” or not. Thus if it’s mentioned locked you can’t edit or make changes to any fully invoiced sales orders. That would be the reason why you can’t edit the invoiced lines while creating a credit note.

Thak you for your response SayanDey

Thank you DynamicsConsultant. Once I set the safety level to warning, I was able to create the credit notes.