Cannot able to Open AOT Table - Err :Cannot select a record in a table. SQL Database has issued an error

Hi to all,

Please help me on this,

when I try to open the AOT table which I have created new, it is throwing an error like below screen shot,


Please help me if you really know about to solve this Issue. You will be appreciated.

Thanks in Advance…

First of all, synchronize the table with database. If it doesn’t help, please show us the actual SQL errors; they’re not visible on the screenshot.

Hi Martin,

Thanks for your reply.

I have synchronized the table with database and I have done total database synchronization also. The same error is following like below screen shot,



Please help me to solve this issue martin.

Thanks in advance…

Your problem is caused by an ID conflict - before synchronization, the same table ID was used by another table. If you don’t need to keep data, delete the table from AOT, synchronize DB, import the table back and synchronize again.

If it’s not a development environment, you should review your processes, because you should never get into this situation.

Hi Martin,

Thanks a Lot… [:D]

I have followed your suggestion… Even I am already using the Development Environment.

The Issue is Solved Now.

Hats off to you Martin… [Y]