Cancelling a sales order delivery note


anyone could explain me the steps to cancell a delivery note without the related invoice yet.


What does that mean? Please elaborate.

I want to cancell the delivery note in case it has been posted but the related sales order havent been invoiced yet.


Still no enough information. How is the purchase order and sales order are related in your case?
It may not be possible for someone to answer your question without proper details.

I’m sorry, I made a mistake in the title.

My problem is:

I load a sales order and post its related packing slip. When the order arrives at the client, he decides not to accept part of the order so the truck returns the quantity that was not accepted. Before invoicing, I want to correct the packing slip.

hi ,

this may helpful to you…

Thanks Gopinath. I’ve followed the steps but the next warning dont let go on:

“The packing slip correction cannot be processed. The packing slip only contains ítems that are subject to the warehouse management processes, as these are not supported by packing slip correction”.

Therefore… now my question is: Is there any option to correct a packing slip if I manage the shipping at a warehouse which has active the “use of warehouse management processes”?

have you tried with negative qty in deliver now and re-posting the packing slip?

Title has been modified sales now. Please make sure you post with right information for better answers.

But that means that Ihave to do another packing slip with negative quantity…this was the unique solution in previous versions but I thought that in AX 2012 it was already solved…

Do you have a load corresponding to that shipment? If so you can cancel the packing slip from there.

Yes, I read about that but it do not let me use that bottom…do you know why? (I have already post the packing slip and the load is ready to ship)


It seems the load is not completely shipped.

I think that my problem is that when I ship a load it disappears from my form. Do you know how can I set up the checkbox “Show closed”. It is diabled for me.


Thanks for your help.

I’ve already found how to watch the loads already shipped. However, my problem is not solved…

It’s not able the “Cancel packing slip”.

WHS is not the area which i have worked before.
This may help you,…/