Cancellation of Shipment in Transfer Orders

Hi Friends,

Can any one suggest me regarding Cancellation of Shipment.

For Example … I have created Transfer Order with Qty : 10 , From Ware House = “Hyderabad” And To Ware House = “Bang” .Then i posted Picking list , Picking-list registration And Finally I made Shipment also with Qty : 10.

My Question is …I want to Cancel the shipment posting. suppose if i Cancel shipment again it should be able to shipment.

So please suggest me in this situation how can i proceed . !Thanks



Hi Ramesh,

As my per knowledge there is no way to cancel shipped transfer order.

now the only way is to receive and send back to it’s original destination by making one more transfer order.



I had also faced the similar issue. Later, i ended up with Transfer Journal. When shipment is posted for transfer journal then inventory will be in Transit Warehouse. So, i made a transfer journal from transit warehouse to actual warehouse.

Hope it works.

After TO is Shipped, is there any process to reverse or Cancel the shipment TO without Receiving it?
Any thing out of box in AX 2012 R2!