Cancel S.O/P.O

Hello Guru’s

My want to know how many sales order s and purchase orders are getting cancelled every month .

So what is the solution . What is the functionality u implemented to know the cancelled sales/purchase orders?

U already impleted this as far as I know , so please provide solution.

Thanks and regards

Hi there,

there is no cancel function on a sales order or a purchase order, so first things first, I guess you need to define what you mean by cancelled.

It could be that you have a modification in your system that allows a purchase order or sales order to be cancelled or maybe you are just talking about deleting an order that has not been completely fulfilled (one or more lines have an outstanding quantity).

Once we have determined what makes an order cancelled in your system (tell us what you do to cancel it) it will be fairly easy to offer some advice on how to report on the quantities.