cancel "pick" in SO - AX 2012

Hi is it possible to reverse or cancel the pick from the SO? I have a serial number control enabled for the finished good.

I have a production order for a FGI “matchbox20” 2 QTY with SL - 100 & 101. - Total quantity of this product on-hand is 2.

create a SO for 2 QTY of this product.

Pick this item -here AX allows us to pick two quantities of Serial 100. But the on-hand is 1 for that serial number! why?

so needed to cancel the pick. but

  • I am getting error “Updating has been interrupted because there is an inventory transaction with the status Picked.”

You can pick 2 for a number of reasons, item dimension configuration mainly.

Go to the pick list registration and cancel the picking from the functions.