Cancel Automatic Reservation on Received Items

Hi All

How could I cancel any automatic reservation when I create PO based on Sale Order Items although we set all reservation rules to be manual instead of automatic?

You cannot I believe, they are linked by your method of creation. Cancel the sales order (if possible) would do it.

Just untick “Reserve ordered items” at

Inventory Management > Setup > Parameters > General > Reserve ordered items

You can do the whole transaction after that go to items transaction from the item master

Inventory >> item details >> transaction >> inventory >> reservation

you can cancel the reservation from here


@ Eva - that setting is irreelvant to the posters process, you still get reservation because of the process.

@ Rayan - not sure this works because of the references involved in the method of creation of the reservation.

The point here is the PO is created specifically for the sales order due to the process undertaken.