Can you recommend a Dynamics NAV event?

There are a lot more events taking place than the few major conferences. There are also a lot of local and regional “community events” taking place in the Navision world.

As a new service to our members, we now have a place where you can show information about local or online Microsoft Dynamics NAV events. So if you, your company or local user group chapter have a conference, webinar, chapter meeting, then you may announce it here.

Please no sales and marketing events. If not free and open to all, then specify an eventual cost to members of Dynamics User Group and/or any other requirements.

You may choose to use Dynamics User Group to manage the registrants list, by choosing the Registration options: Registration (RSVP), Registration (No RSVP) and Invitation only. Here members can register here and you can see the list of participants. Otherwise choose “No registration required” - but specify this in the description.

To post a new just click the “[ + NEW ]” button in upper right corner.

Go here: Dynamics NAV Events

If you have any questions, please just reply here.