Can you batch print delivery notes- error Ax 2012

Can you batch print delivery notes in AX 2012

following error when trying

“The report destination is not valid for batch processing. Select a destination that is accessible from the computer that processes batch jobs.”

Look at the print options and where you are printing, it sounds as though you cannot print there. Yes you can batch print delivery notes.


Check you’re printer server configurations. It might not configured properly or even check the privileges also.


Hi Natalie,

The error will be on batch process. If you see the batch status it will be error.

I have also same issue and i am able to fix that.

steps to resolve error.

  1. Enable the ‘Allow clients to connect to printers on this server’ settings at Dynamics AX Server Configuration Utility under the ‘Application Object Server’ tab.

  2. At the ‘Batch’ tab, check the ‘Batch processing’ and select the batch group created for server printing.

  3. To print automatically the report from batch.

  4. Need to setup the printer in AOS.

  5. Finally need to setup the print management in AP–>Setup—>Forms–>Forms setup.

  6. In the above path, click on the priont management button.

  7. Select the report where you need to print the report from batch job automatically.

  8. Select the printer in from the list, where the printer is installed in AOS,

  9. if the printer is installed in server, in the report list (\\HP lasterjet…) will be the format.

  10. After that create a PO and update Product receipt for a PO, while printing the report, click on Batch, select the check box, update batch processing.

  11. Finally click OK.

  12. report will be added to batch.