Can we mix and match former AX granules with Business Central

I have been told you can now mix and match ALL of the former AX granules ( now Dynamics 365 ) with Dynamics Business Central ? Is this possible or logical ? and if so, HOW ? Thanks for your help guys John

I need to evaluate a proposal where all of the functional areas of AX need to integrate with the granules in Business Central !

If you do you will probably be the first one to do it… But what is that you exactly want to do?

Interesting topic

The proposal is to integrate the following Dynamics 365 modules into Business Central because the Dynamics 365 modules “may” have richer functionality…

Dynamics 365 for Customer Engagement

Dynamics 365 for Customer Service Enterprise

Dynamics365 for Sales Enterprise

Dynamics 365 Team Members

Dynamics 365 Enterprise Edition

Dynamics 365 for Marketing

Dynamics 365 Remote Assist

…….all integrated to Dynamics 365 Business Central Premium

Any comments and recommendations would be gratefully received ! Thanks John

To my opinion you must have misunderstood something about the “mix-match” - where have you seen this ???

Also it would require a lot of development to do it.

And you have to be a bit more specific about what it is that you want and why otherwise the recommendation would just be “forget it” :wink:

Thanks Palle.! The consultants say it is quite possible to integrate the mentioned Dynamics 365 modules into Business Central and I have questioned whether it is advisable knowing that the Business Central granules already have some of the functionality . But I just need to know if is logical and actually possible and what method would be used especially as it involves Saas Cloud Many thanks John

Between some of the 365 products you can find a “link” - For example inside 365BC you can have a direct link to 365 CRM - and below in the “engine"room” code has been made to integrate the two systems.

There is also a nice link between Business Central and Office 365.

I think that the main issue here is, that there are to many products called something with 365 - and customers/users might believe that they are one product… of which they not.

My opinion is actually that they rebrand the Dynamics 365 Business Central to something else or then rebrand all the “AX” modules so it clearly states what part of the systems than can/and are linked together, because right now questions likes yours show up again and again… and there are no simple answer to the question - except to say “forget it”, which is not the best answer.

Besides from that in most cases I would ask a customer of what is about 365 BC that you like that you cannot find in the “ax” product or vice-versa and then take up the discussion from there.