Can We Have multiple Production Zones

Dear All,

Please I would like to know if Navision supports many Production Zones. In the Cronus example, there is just one Production Zone with default bins for the inbound and outbound, but what if I have many Zones, what should I do because although I created many Production Zones, I couldn’t change the Zone and bin at the pick level to be placed in another Zone and bin.

Thus, can anyone help me in this please?

Thanks in advance

Dear Rana ,

Can I get more explanation about this case ?

Dear Jouhayna,

We are studying Navision Warehouse and Manufacture so we can start implementing them. Thus, we first created a location with Zones and bins and the Direct Put-Away and Pick option was selected. But as we have two production zones, we opened them and created inbound, outbound, and the Open Shop Floor Bins. Then we chose one as default to be displayed in the Location card under the Bin tab and we selected Directed Put-Away and Pick as true.

When we started to test the production with the warehouse, we found out that after making the release production order and creating a pick document that we cannot change the Bin with another, for example: when I choose create picks, by default the system creates one and choose the default inbound bin that I have entered in the location card, when I try to replace it with the inbound of the inbound of the second production zone, the system didn’t et me do that.

So here I faced my first and big problem. That’s why I decided to create Location with Bins and zones but the Directed Put-Away and Pick not checked. At this level the system didn t let me create bins under any zones, and on the level of creating pick the message: “Directed Put-away and Pick must not be No in Locaion Code = ‘Whse1’”.

So now I am stuck and need a help as soon as possible so we can proceed in our analysis.

Thank you again,