Can we edit List page?


I have customized HcmWorkerListPage to make call to a worker through Skype. I can make a call to an individual worker 's phone or skypeId.

But in conference call, i need to pick workers with either Phone/ skype id.

(For this i had a though to create a check box in List page to select Phone No. of the person, and default is skypeId.)

But list form is non editable.

How can i pick different worker’s phone no or skypeId for a group call. Any suggestions would be appreciate.

Thanks and Regards.


Hi Satish,

Obviously there are differences, but list page are just like any other forms. Just open ‘HcmWorkerListPage > Designs > Design > Grid’ from AOT and add the field.

Harish, thanks for the reply.

These are my first steps in Axapta.

I want to add a drop down field to Vendor list page. Which selects either phone / skype id based on selection. but how can we do edit an field in list page.

Thank you,