Can we assign more than one quantity with a serial in ax 2012

Dear All,

Suppose a company is receiving cotton bales from vendor having production lot number and date of production. Company orders bales to vendor in pcs/units and weight is not known at initial. For each cotton bale being received company wants to maintain following data:

  1. Number of cotton bales received
  2. Production lot number, production and expiry date
  3. Weight (kg) of each unit of cotton bale
  4. and assign a serial number to each bale having certain weight

This is required to track weight of each bale unit stored in warehouse against its serial and production lot number.

To do this in AX, we created an item with following properties:

  1. Production type: BOM
  2. Item model group: FEFO
  3. Storage dimension: Site-warehouse
  4. Tracking dimension: Batch-Serial
  5. UOM
    Inventory: Kg,
    Purchase unit: Each,
    Sales unit: Kg

Now when we created a PO of 100 Units where each bale have a weight approx. b/w 10~20 Kg. And register it with actual weight, here we are able to manually assign a lot number, serial number and a weight (kg) for each unit of cotton bale received. But AX does not allow us to record weight more than 1 Kg against each serial number and gives error that “A quantity more than one can’t be updated against a serial number”. So we are not able to register exact weight of cotton bale against a serial number.

Is there any way in AX that we may able to record weight of each cotton bale and assign a tracking dimension of batch and serial number with it?

Any help/suggestion is highly appreciated.

If you want your weight to be your quantity rather than the 1 bale you would need to un-tick the unique serial number setting on the dimension group to allow a quantity greater than 1 to be processed for each serial number.

Dear Adam,

Thanks for your response. Yes, serial number control was active with my tracking dimension (Batch+serial) which i have disabled now.

One thing that i have missed in my post about item configuration i.e. Catch Weight (CW), so that i may check item inventory in units and Kg at the same time.

Now when i create a PO of 10 cotton bales and register it with actual weight. I want to receive partial quantity of PO, say 5 unit, so I enter actual weight against serial number but as soon as I press “Post all” button on Register form, it throws error as shown in screenshot below. “Internal error: failed to re-distribute non-zero inventory quantity…”

7840.serial-batch error.png

i am not able to receive partial catch weight quantity against PO. Can u guess whats wrong with item configuration that produces this error.

I would guess it is a catchweight bug in your version, report to MS.

Thanks Adam