Can one prepayment apply to several invoices?

Hi Experts,

We have studied on the default prepayment function in the Sales Order but found that it can only apply to one invoice. But in our situation, we receive a lum sum prepayment from customers before issue Sales order. And deduct the prepayment from the invoices later on. Does anyone know that how to perform in NAV? We tried to issue a “manual” payment invoice by selecting a prepayment g/l account to the item line in the sales invoice. And deduct the same g/l account when issue Sales Invoice. But there is no report/screen can shows the balance breakdown of the g/l account, we must keep track to how much prepayment is used for each customer.

Please help!


No, you cannot create one prepayment invoice for multiple orders.

Your options are:

  • Split the prepayment amount over the orders to which it applies, and use the standard functinoality (ie if you have 4 sales orders for one prepayment, create 4 prepayment invoices.
  • Create a separate invoice with a line per sales order, and use the order number as part of the line description (maybe use description 2?) to allow you to reconcile against the orders.
  • Customisation.

HI Avril,

Thanks for your suggestions!

for the 1st option, accounting department need to book the prepayment to the NAV before issue the Sales Order.

For the 2nd option, can you explain more detail?