can not see the budget matrix, nav 2013

can not see the budget matrix, when I go under my budget. I think I made a mistake.

They are der when I output to Excel.

Kan ikke se Budgetposter (Budget Matrix) når jeg går ind i budgetter. Har måske trykket på en knap jeg ikke skulle. Tallene/konti er der når jeg udlæser til Excel

did you import your own budget matrix? if yes, it’s best you export first the standard budget matrix to excel. so you can see the needed format. then change that excel doc as you like and import your own budget matrix.

The problem are in nav2013 , I don´t see the numbers and finansacount.

see below

it seems that the complete group (fast tab) “budget matrix” is disabled.

You have probably accidentally hidden the Fasttab Budget Matrix. Click on the blue program Icon up on the left side, left of the Home tab. Choose Customize this page, choose FastTabs, there the Budget Matrix should be available to Add. You could also just choose Restore Defaults. Click OK and then restart the page.

TANKS, It work