Can Navision read a .tif file?

My client says Navision will only read a .bmp file and the conversion of the .tif scanned image to a .bmp file is soooo long (and the ocr software doesn’t do .bmp’s). How can I get Navision to read a tif and eliminate the file conversion process?? thanks, Trint

Navision picture boxes do only support bmp pictures, if you want to show other formats you must store them in a BLOB field and use an external viewer to show them. Or if you can save your files in jpg of gif then you might want to take a look at the following ocx Saludos Nils

You might look at form 6220. But Navision can only show a bmp in a form. BTW: We do a lot of scanning. We allways use pdf as output format of the scanner. But then we have to open the file with HYPERLINK. We can’t view it inside Navision.

My recommendation is MatriksDoc. It is a clean simple solution.

Hi David, where is the download ?

Hans :