Can menuitems run a form with a predefined filter?

Hi all I am designing a menu in Navision, and would like for menu-item to run the same form, but with a filter on witch orders to see. Does anyone know whether or not I can do this ? Regards Skyggeman

Maybe,this can help you:

Problem with that method is that you may only install ONE client at a time (4.0 OR 4.0 SP1), as the hyperlinking only works with the version you installed last. The better way to achieve the same result is to run a CU instead of a form directly and there you can pass any paramters you want/need.

Hi Thank you for the replies…[:D] You meen tha, I should make the menuitem a CU, and in that make it run a form with different paramaters for ID and filters [?] Can you perhaps make it more clear for me [?] TY Skyggeman [:X][Duh!] [xx(][Ugh]

You can call different object types from the menusuite. Not only Forms and Reports but also Codeunits. When you create a new codeunit and add some code inside the OnRun trigger which opens the form you need and passes the parameters you want, then you can assign a menu-item to run the codeunit you just defined instead of the form.

Hi Thomas I know witch types you can assign to a menuitem, but I would like to know what code to put in the CU, and further more I would like to know what happens when i push Esc in tha Form - do I just get back in the NavigationPane ??? Regards Skyggeman [:D] [^] [:P] --------------------------------- I’m new - but I’m fast… [:D]

Yes, you will just get back to the navigation pane. You will need to define a variable of the type record for the table your form is showing and another one for the form. Then you need to assign the filters you want to the record and assign it with SETTABLEVIEW to the form. Then you run the form: varRec.SETFILTER(Field,Filtervalue); varForm.SETTABLEVIEW(varRec); varForm.RUN();