Can i use Filters in User Portal Reports

Can u help me to find whether we can use Filters in User Portal. We can create the filters on xml file but it is like static but if we want to implement on User Portal Web Page as a variable like a textbox in which we can insert the filter value and get the required reports. Regards, Kashyap Thaker

Yes, you can. You must create a table to store the filters, and make the reports you launch read those filters when they are called. The report filters can be accessed by the web user with a custom form. The same way they can enter customer information, they can enter report filter information. Then, when they want to run a report, the report can access the user filters (stored in a table) and be filtered. It is not an easy task, however. You must create new User Portal forms and write some C/AL code in order to make the reports use the new filters. Toni