Can I dynamically set the FontStrikeThru on a form

I see UPDATEFONTBOLD, and UPDATEFORECOLOR, but is there a way to dynamically set the font to strikethru? UPDATEFONTSTRIKETHRU doesn’t work. When a to-do line has been cancelled, I want to show the line but with a strikethru font.

No, sorry, you can’t change the FontStrikethru property at run-time. Maybe you could use UPDATEFORECOLOR to change the font color to 12632256. It will give you a light gray font. It is not the same but it is also a visual feedback. What do you think about that?

Thanks Nelson. I thought about changing the color, but we have a lot of people with not the best eye sight or observation abilities. (politically correct enough for this Forum?). I will probably change the description to 'CANCELED: ’ + Description when the Canceled field gets set to TRUE. Thanks again for your feedback. You confirmed what I was hoping wasn’t true.


we have a lot of people with not the best eye sight or observation abilities.

lol… ye olde color-blind user problem… [:D][:D][:D]

Why not just use two controls, and alternately hide one of them.

That will work on a Card Form, but not on a List Form. Why do I get the feeling SWebb is changing a List…

Nelson, you are righteo! It is on the To-Dos. There is a boolean when a to-do is cancelled. When the boolean is set, the status is set to Completed, but the To-Do wasn’t Completed, it was Canceled (not a status option). We can call it a training issue for the end-user (look at whether the line was canceled), but this does’t work in the real world with real users (at least not the ones that I have met). Plus the boolean is editable on the form by default, not good. I was hoping for a strikethru on the form, so I will opt to change the description unless someone out there has a better idea.

correct, you can do it, but of course when you change controls, you change strikethrough on the whole column. sorry.