Can be use as DataContract for the following fields in PurchTable: PurchStatus and DocumentState?

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A little Help here.

I’am creating report that can Choose Approval Status(DocumentState) and Status(PurchStatus).

DocumentState and PurchStatus the type is “ENUM”, there is no EXTENDED DATA TYPE.

This is the first time i used that two fields. I know the standard process in creating DataContract.

I try and assume that the ENUM TPYE is like the EXTENDED DATA TYPE, so i create the Datacontract in the same process and it show’s the parameter that i want.


but when i run the report, the report is empty… and i try to change the property ALLOW NULL= TRUE and NULLABLE = TRUE. And i try to run it again then the report show’s fine.

Now the error is the two(2) Parameters.

Can someone help me on this?

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Help plss.

I assume by Mking ‘ALLOW NULL= TRUE and NULLABLE = TRUE’ and report running fine means, that the report is showing all the Purchase Orders resides within ‘From - To’ date. ?

Can you check, if the correct filter x++ code is there, when you select the two parameter’s specific values

If you have a report based on a query and you select some ranges, they’ll automatically filter the query.

But if you add some parameters, you have to use them to do something. If you don’t use them anywhere, they’ll have no effect.

SheikhAsim and Martin Dráb ,

sorry i forgot to include, i don’t know how can create a range … because this is the first time i use other parameter aside in date …
can you please tell me how?

sorry i just a beginner…


QueryRange.pngAre you using AOT query for your report ? If so then on the query you can add range as shown in image