can axapta print barcode label for item? HELP!

When I recive item, I want axapta automatically print barcode label for item number and receiving items report. Can Axapta do that out of the box? or it needs third party solutions? I need to do this so I don’t have to print the barcode using different software. Please help me.

Hi, If you just want to print item number label, probably you can try the following - - first get this field on a report - change the font for this field so that it would print barcode. As far as the barcode font, probably you might want to try using different fonts/size/length to suit your needs. Most of the times, it should be possible for you to scan this report back as well. Also for inspiration, probably you might want to refer to reports like AssetBarcode, WMSLocationLable etc. Good luck [:)] Harish Mohanbabu

Base on my understanding and testing, in order to print the bar code label you only need to specify the correct font type and font size.

If a 3´part solution is of any interest LaserNet can solve your needs. Reading the print stream LaserNet can based on the customer/supplier etc. print the barcode each customer/supplier etc. wishes… You can read much more at about the solution.