can any one help me to research about how third party tools SAP & ORACLE integration with AX dynamics

Hai Everyone,

I want to know about integration of third party with Ax Dynamics …

Can any one give me information about is it possible for SAP or Oracle can integration with Ax .???

if it possible means what are the way i can use the third party with ax .

You can use the integration framework, WCF, BizTalk, .NET and COM APIs and so on and so on.

Nevertheless you’ll need to think about what exactly you want to integrate and how. For example, saying “Oracle” means nothing - they have a long list of products and each one would be integrated differently.

can you suggest me the list of products to be used to integrate in dynamics ax if there any informative links available regarding this …

There is no finite list - you can integrate whatever you want. It just depends on what makes sense logically, what data access or APIs are available and your development skills.