Campaing mail thru Outlook 2003 security prompt.

Windows 2003 Server - Citrix Presentation Server Navision Attain 3.70a Office 2003 When users want to send campaign mail using the Relationship Management. The security settings from Outlook prompts the user at each mail sending. And you can’t just tell it to allow access for 10 minutes. Well you can, but it makes no difference… So if you have 300 people in your campaign. you need to press 300 x Yes!!! The official document: It basicly tells me to contact the Vendor - well guess who that is… Any suggestions on how to make this work between Outlook and Navision? They mention something about it has to be a trusted application. - any thoughts on that? Thanks Steven Wood

While what I am about to explain is not a perfect solution, since what the prompt was supposed to prevent will be circumvented, but a solution does exist to allow for Outlook to bypass security and allow those e-mail’s to go through. See You can download a form which is placed in a public folder on your Exchange server. In this form you can set the necessary options, which are pretty self explanatory. Those options can be set on a per user basis. Then, when a special registry entry is changed on the client in question, it will tell Outlook to look at the public folder, and use that information to determine what to do.