Campaign set up - Discount being erroneously applied on ALL orders

Hi all,

i want to set up a campaign related discount. it should only be applied to an order where i select that particular campaign as applying.

i set up the line discount for all products and put all my contacts into the segment. the idea being that the discount would only be applied to sales orders where i select the relevant campaign.

however, when set up, the discount is applied to all orders regardless of whether i fill in the campaign field on the order or not.

any solutions? i have looked through various manuals and see little of help on campaigns (beyond tr-app c)



Check if you haven’t set up some other (maybe permanent) discounts.

NAV is very smart in applying discounts - if conditions for applying overlap for several discount schemes (e.g. time-based with Customer Discount or Amount based discount), NAV chooses “best for Customer”, that is, the one giving minimal possible price to Customer.

no other active campaigns…

has anyone seen any manuals dealing with campaigns in nav? i couldn’t find much.


-not only Campaigns - ANY other possible discounts (Sales Prices).

To check if (and how much) are defined, click on Sales Prices in Item Information pane. If there is only the one you defined, then you have set it up not in the way you expected it to work and error is in Campaign definition, not NAV itself.

Regarding Manuals - I advised you some days ago to check if CustomerSource is available to you - that site contains some additional training materials to those in Product disk. I have the PDFs, but, as they have this:

Microsoft Official Training Materials for Microsoft Dynamics ™
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in page footer, these files can not be put here in Downloads (or elsewhere in public domain).

hi modris, i understand what you’re saying. campaign definition is definitely the source of my problems.

i am in customer source so will go look. if you could mention a specific doc to look for that would be most helpful. i will search nonetheless.

many thanks


8362A_NA50_ENUS_TR Chapter 3 Sales Prices & Discounts

(TR stands for Trade) Look under Courseware in CS.

that’s where i started. i then went to appendix c for the worked solution just in case. (referred to tr-app c in my earlier post). i’m trying hard to find solutions before pestering people :slight_smile:

still no joy on basics of campaigns.

found RM manual on customer source (relationship management).

has full chapter on campaigns/segments.

this confirms my trouble whereby a campaign line discount is being applied to orders even though i have not selected the campaign on the order header…

any ideas?

Hi Rosy

I guess your first statement is incorrect - you want the system to only apply a campaign related discount when the campaign is assigned to the header of a sales order, whereas by implication of this post you are stating that because the client is in the segment of a campaign they are currently in an active campaign and therefore get the discount whether the discount code is applied to the order or not. I would guess therefore that this is the way Microsoft have designed it and if you want it to only apply after you have the campaign code in the header then you have no choice but to modfy the system to cater for this new functionality I am afraid.

This is all based on reading the flow of this post and not CRM experience!