calling method in another method of a report (Dynamics AX)

I’ve two methods in my report design . My question is How can I call a method from another method of my report design.

Explanation: Method 1: CustUnit

Method 2: CustPrice

In my CustPrice method I want to call CustUnit method because I’m calculating Custprice value based on my CustUnit. If my CustUnit is M2 I will calculate my CustPrice=Net Amount/M2 (If my Custunit is M2, if CustUnit is Pieces then Custprice=Net Amount/Pieces)

Please I need help

I assume you are using variables in the methods to return the values?

I would use a select in the report Fetch() method:-

Select the current CustUnit and if CustUnit = ‘M2’ then do your calculation.

You then simply write display methods to return your variables on the report, i.e. ‘return CustUnit’ / ‘return CustPrice’

those two methods are display methods or any other methods?

You can simply store the values in a variable of 1st method and thus use that value in other one.

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