Calling form - methods

i know that it is possible to create public methods on a form. But i don’t know how to call them (i use the formRun-Object to call the form)?

Is there any solution?

Thanks in advance,


Its possible to create public methods on a form.

1.Form run method write this

public str custmerName()

return CustomerName.text(); / / CustomerName is string control in the properties auto declaration Yes

2.Call this method in Class main method

public static void main(Args args)

str custName;


if(formHasMethod(args.caller(), identifierStr(custmerName)))
custName = args.caller().custmerName();



thanks for your reply.

I tried the above, but i can’t compile the solution. The line “custName = args.caller().custmerName();” produces the following error “The class ‘FormRun’ does not contain the function” (my free translation - we are using a german ax ;)). This sounds logical to me.

I call the source in a click-event from a button, not in a class (maybe this is a problem…).

Am i missing something?


call that class through Menu Items - action

in the form we can take menu Item button – properties menuitemtype action and menitemname

when ever click menuitembutton call that class

Thanks a lot, that works :slight_smile: