Calling codeunit from C/Front using VB

This may sound simple, but how do you call a Navision codeunit using C/Front. I’m creating a VB COM object and want to do the equivalent of a Navision CODEUNIT.RUN(). Phil

YOU CAN’T CALL CODEUNIT FROM CFRONT !!! All objects in NF are in precompiled format. To run codeunit you must pass obj. code to interpretator, that isn’t accessible form cfront. To call NF codeunits I doing following trick: 1. Calling mackro program that launches nf.exe and enters userid and password. 2. In codeunit detecting userid and calling corresponding codeunit. 3. Terminating codeunit popup message. 4. mackro program detects this message and closing nf.exe. Solution is complicated, but the only possible way known by my.

One more reason to long for Fin 3.0 (which has this functionality included). Marcus Marcus Fabian phone: +41 79 4397872